What's the easiest way to sell and distribute your products to new customers and markets?


Whether you have a tried and true product or one that’s coming off the production line for the first time, we all know that buyers don’t just miraculously appear and it takes more to sales than just sending an email.

Our goal is laser focused — Leverage Share America’s relationships, market knowledge, technology and energetic hustle to grow your business

By penetrating untapped buyers and connecting U.S. domestic and international trade contacts, Share America is jumpstarting sales for businesses in food, agriculture, energy, and distribution. 

We believe in synergy — We’re very selective with the companies we work with, partnering only with those companies that have goals and business practices closely aligned with our philosophy and expertise.  We also believe that successful and long lasting relationships have to work for everyone.  That’s why our partnerships have no upfront costs or fees – we take the risk, but we share the rewards! 

How do we grow your sales? 


  • Identify, target and vet the “right” new buyers for your products
  • Promote and sell your product through Share America’s award winning direct sales team, industry trade shows, digital marketing, social media, RFP and government opportunities
  • Distribute your products directly to wholesalers or retailers
  • import or export your products into or out of the US
  • We take on the importation and logistics costs and sales risks
  • Easily navigate all needed trade requirements
  • Logistics, distribution and shipping coordination

      Unlimited possibilities!


      Imagine having a Share America principal and account team partner with your company to promote and sell your products to new customers and markets.

      Partner with a team that understands the meaning of “drive and hustle”.

      Your goals become our goals.  We stay aligned knowing that having the same objectives provides peace-of-mind that your company and products are being represented with integrity, creativity, and a long term growth outlook.








      Find out how Share America can grow sales for your company.  Just fill in below to learn more. 

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